This hiking trail starts at the French Fortress that once was used for the game show "the Desert Forges" in 2001.

The fortress is well maintained and situated in the vicinity of the Bait Ali Lodge in one of Jordan’s most beautiful desert landscapes which is seen by few tourists.

The French Fortress Trail  in Disi (nearby Wadi Rum) - Magnificent Views and Sand Dunes - Hiking in Jordan.

The hike passes through a popular picnic area for Bedouin families who enjoy the spectacular views on Fridays. Be prepared to accept a cup of tea when you are 30 minutes into the hike.

The desert is quite beautiful but kudos must also go to the ancient palace built around 1997 by the production company. It looks lovely and they've managed to build an actual working forge inside. Nice. Watch it for the surroundings and set if nothing else. 

Soundtrack: Wind Fields - Album: Wonderland by Terepin

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